What is Surface?

Surface is a one-stop, licensed medical aesthetic skin clinic with general practitioners who are certified to handle the cosmetic medical procedures that target your skin concern. YES, we do more things than just facials. We have permits provided by the IDI to operate an aesthetic clinic (klinik kecantikan).

We believe in non-invasive, relaxing and painless skin routine can get the best out of your skin. Our Surface medical doctors will advise you on how to get the best out of your skin.

Who performs the medical procedures?

Ikatan Dokter Indonesia (IDI) registered doctors perform the medical procedures. Our Surface nurses and/or beauty therapists handle other cosmetic procedures. All procedures are overseen by Surface doctors and consultations are included into your treatment to make sure that your skin gets the best outcome.

Do you offer a complimentary aesthetic consultation?

We believe that clients should not feel pressured into treatments. Therefore by offering a complimentary aesthetic consultation you will not feel obliged to take a treatment to reclaim the money you’ve invested in a consultation. All Surface medical doctors are trained to analyze and treat your skin concerns and tell you what works best for your facial beauty. If you wish to proceed to a treatment, we are transparent to all of our charges.

Why do I need to see the doctor on the first treatment and following treatment?

Safety and responsibility is probably the most important when undergoing any form of cosmetic procedures. Our Surface medical doctors will provide you with a friendly and honest opinion on your skin concern and treatment. We want to tell you whether it is safe and share the aesthetic risks with you.

Why do I need to sign an informed consent form before each treatment?

The informed consent form is a form that we prepared to help inform you the associated risks and alternative treatments. We want you to be aware of all risks and side effects and we will do our best to make sure that none of these happen. However, as with any medical treatment there are always risks involved. We reserve the right to refusal of your treatment if you do not sign the informed consent.

What skin concerns do you treat?

Skin tone, clarity and texture issues such as mild, moderate and severe acne, acne scars, signs of aging, fine lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, hair removal and beautification.

What medical devices & products do you use?

We have carefully chose our devices for its’ effectiveness and safety. The devices are authenticated, certified and regulated by the Dinas kesehatan, Indonesia. Our devices are made in the USA, Belgium and Korea. All of our products carry the BPOM notification.

What brand fillers and Botox do you use?

We only use the reputable brands from Allergan and Restylane.

What skin concerns can you target?

We target to improve any of your skin condition.

How fast will I see results after a treatment?

Results depend on the treatment. There are treatments which are more aggressive and have more instant effect and there are other treatments which have a lesser effect. All we know is that skin change needs time.

I have an unwanted reaction after my treatment. What to do?

Contact us and come see our doctor. We will look at it and decide if next steps are necessary. Don’t hesitate, we are here to help.

I have bought a Surface series. Can I share this with my friends?

Yes, when you buy your series (ie. buy 6 get 1 free, buy 10 get 2 free, buy 15 get 4 free and buy 20 get 6 free) you can share your treatments with your up to two friends. You will have to let us know full name upon payment of the package.

I bought a Package can I share this with my friends?

The packages are targeted treatments in which we hope to change your skin over the course of the program. The packages have more targeted concerns such as acne, acne scars, pigmentation, exfoliation or body contouring. Therefore we cannot have you share them with your friends for best outcome.

Do packages or series expire?

Yes, they expire one year from purchase date.

Can I change my package or series if I feel like it is not working out?

Changes of packages and series can be done after consultation and confirmation with the Surface doctor. Our Surface doctor has to agree with the change of treatments in order to make sure that your skin gets the best outcome.

Can I get money back for a prepaid series or package?

All sales are final, and even though we wouldn’t want you to feel cheated, we cannot give you your money back. However, you can use it as store credit for single item treatments (excluding items from the skin rejuvenation or injectables menu).

My package or series is expiring can I extend the expiry date?

Yes you can. We charge a small admin fee (Rp 150.000) for an extension of 6 months. But we hope you will finish your treatments within the time given for best results on your skin!

I have a discount voucher can I use it for anything on the Surface Menu?

Discount vouchers can only be used for single treatments except for the items of the injectables and skin rejuvenation menu.

Can I get money back or exchange a skincare product that I bought in Surface?

All sales are final, however if the product is unopened we can consider changing your purchase for another product. But we reserve the right to do this.

Opened products we cannot take back though. This, because who would sell it next to?

I am too late for my treatment, can i still come?

We reserve the right to cancel your treatment if you are late. Please inform us asap if you are late. We might have to reschedule you. If you don’t come on time it might effect everyone behind you.

How to book?

Click the book appointment button on the home page. Fill in your details and we will get right back to you.

Call or whatsapp the Hotline at +6281222346115 or call the clinic locations directly.

I booked but through your website, hotline or phone but never received a confirmation email.

Booking confirmations are sent out immediately. Our emails can sometimes accidentally go straight to your junk folder and/or may be flagged by spam filters. Please check these folders and mark us as nice monkeys instead of spam.

If you haven’t received confirmation from us, please contact us again and we will be happy to assist further.

I want to cancel my booking.

Changed your mind? Want to reschedule? That’s okay! Call +6281222346115.

Please reach out to us and our customer service team will help you. Please reach out as quickly as possible so that we cancel your order in time.

Treatment times may differ from the noted treatment times on website or email.

Why is this? Because each of you is different.

Each of your skin is unique and you might need more or less treatment depending on your skin type and concern. It is normal if the treatment time differs per person. Our beauticians and doctors are trained to deliver the treatment up until a certain endpoint that is optimal for your skin target. More treatment does not always mean better. We have to keep in regard our safety standards.  Let us know if you want more information or an explanation of all of the treatment times.


We need your identification before each treatment. Yes also just for facials!

We require your KTP or SIM identification before each treatment.