Why Our Skin Matters

Our Skin Matters campaign emphasizes the importance of your skin as part of your life, confidence and look. After all your skin is part of your first impression right?

Taking care of your skin should be part of your lifestyle, just like your diet, going to the gym or doing your make up routine before leaving the house. Make up can cover things up, but don’t you want to look good without it? What if we can help you to get a clear, bright, glowing skin with an even toned texture that will make you feel more confident.


Laila’s busy life as a mother, owner/trainer of SANS Studio forces her to have a healthy lifestyle and a fit figure.

Laila chose Keep It Tight program, a face & body contouring program that gives you tighter and younger looking skin and stimulates new collagen production and breaks down your fat cells. The treatment combines two technologies, Trilipo Radio Frequency and Dynamic Muscle Activation. These procedures target non-invasive fat removal, skin tightening, and contouring using heat to the second layer of the skin.

Choose your area: face, neck, arms, thighs, stomach, back, wait, buttock.

Buy 6 areas get 12.5 % discount
buy 10 areas get 15 % discount
Buy 15 areas get 20 % discount
Buy 20 areas get 25 % discount


Harumi’s cheerful and enchanted personality is what makes her beauty blog, MyTipsCantik.com, one of the most successful beauty websites of Indonesia. Because of her busy lifestyle and constant demand on her skin, she often struggles with acne prone skin.

Harumi chose our Clear Skin package, an acne solution program focusing on reducing acne and improving skin tone, texture, and mild post acne scars. This 14 week program combines AHA Professional Peels and Surface Light Treatment.

3x Surface Light Treatment + 3x Chemical Peels + 1 free IPL
Rp 3.450.000,-


Tara Amelz aka Mama of Snow is a busy bee that multitasks her life of being a mom and developing her lifestyle website, WOOP.ID. Jakarta’s environment makes her skin long for more hydration, a basic but necessary treatment to keep her skin glowing and looking healthy.

HYDRA 100 is a combination of SUrface’s best sellers: Facial and Hydradermabrasion. The facial relaxes and cleanse your skin while the Hydradermabrasion exfoliates and infuses with a personalized choice of four serums. This dream team treatment will improve dry skin, acne, oily skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and mild pigmentation.

Get that glowy, dewy, and fresh looking skin that you always wanted.

5x Hydraderm Facial
Rp 4.000.000,-


Agnes Oryza, a content creator and influencer that’s known for her natural curly hair, fun and active personality. She loves traveling and outdoor activities and that’s why unwanted body hair is one of her main skin concerns.

Agnes chose the Hair Today Gone Tomorrow program, a permanent hair removal program with our Intensed Pulsed Light device (IPL). Our Hair Removal device from Korea destroys your unwanted hair by destroying hair shaft with light and heat.

Choose your hairy area: top lip, lower face, under-arms, bikini, full legs, half legs, male back, or male chest.

Buy 6 areas get 12.5 % discount
Buy 10 areas get 15 % discount
Buy 15 areas get 20 % discount
Buy 20 areas get 25 % discount