Tighten & Contour

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Tighten & Contour Neck

30 mins


Tighten & Contour Arms

40 mins


Tighten & Contour Face

35 mins


Tighten & Contour Buttock Lift

35 mins


Tighten & Contour Waist/Back

30 mins


Tighten & Contour Stomach

35 mins


Tighten & Contour Thighs

75 mins


How does it work?
Tighten & Contour treatment combines heat, radiofrequency and Dynamic Muscle Stimulation (DMAS) to destroy the fat cell and stimulate new collagen production. This allows us to tighten & contour and shape your skin.

The destroyed fat cell gets excreted by the lymphatic system and the DMAS technique stimulates this even more. In the deeper skin layer (dermis) the heat leads to activates of the fibroblast cell, which leads to collagen production. This is how we achieve long-term skin tightening. The radiofrequency heat to which the skin contracts; an instant skin-tightening effect is seen.

Which areas can i treat?
You can target:

  • Face (for a more tapered and slim face)
  • Arms (wobbly triceps be gone)
  • Thighs (target cellulite and contour your curves)
  • Stomach (flat belly ftw)
  • Back / Waist area (up until the bra strap)
  • Buttocks lift (cellulite and get lifted!)

What can i expect?

The treatment is warm but should not be painful. Skin layers gets heated to a precise temparature. We are looking for an end-point and keep track of this by measuring the skin temperature. This causes 30% of fat cells to die, which leads to a tighter body area with less cellulite.

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